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Page Last Updated 4th February 2014

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 User Guides News : Sites & Network Status
 New Automated Recovery CD System UPDATE 08/12/2008

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TOPIC MESSAGE: Sony's are still giving us grief and the download queues are now 4 days. We are moving servers for the downloads, over the next day. From that point all download times will be immediate.


Well we have just about got the auto disk maker on its feet after almost a week of pain and 24/7 work by the sql guys.. the only item thats still giving us headaches are .. you guessed it, the Sony's, the AR5 and AR6 primarily.. anyhow i have been assured that the interface issues will be resolved in the next 24 hours .. real sorry guys, your download links will become live the second the system has written this disk

All other disk have been written and will be available for download tonight (12 hours)

hopefully the teething issues are now over.


Okay the servers are now back up and we have found the errors in the database, the disk building has now resumed. All orders should be completed in 24 hours, thank you for your patience


Our CD building servers have crashed we have the mysql guys working on it at the moment, it is midnight here in the UK and the techs will be working throughout the night until we get the database fixed.

We are very very sorry about the continued delays....


Well to say demand is high for these is an understatement, im sorry to say we are now about 24 - 48 hours behind from order to download availability, we can see that some users are desperate for their item, one Sony customer has already been back to the download 74 times.

The servers are maxed out building these on demand and with so for 38000 new items out there we are having to cap new advertisements for products until the servers catch up

If your waiting for your item it is about 24 hours from order to download at the moment, the download links in your download areas will automatically become active so keep checking

We are sorry for the delays and although we expected a good response we have been a little overwhelmed.



Our New automated driver CD system goes live on Friday, there are 24,000 (approximately) xp driver cd adverts about to be published and another 15000 vista adverts. These advers dynamically produce the cds on a demand!!!

To let you know how this system works.. its an automated driver matrix, at one end we have techies picking and selecting drivers and information, at the other we have a modest server cluster that creates the iso for download on the fly... well on the fly means we can make around 200 per day so there may be download queues.
Once disk is ordered (the first time it is created, it may take an hour or two before the download is available) once created its available immediately. we are all very excited about this!! So come back tomorrow and order your CD early! we are expecting to create the largest vault of recovery cds on the planet over the next few months!



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