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Page Last Updated 4th February 2014

Everything you need to know about Forum: Gateway Laptops And Desktops | Topic: Gateway M460xl Recovery Disks. More related Recovery Compaq Dx2200 information and help.

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Forum: Gateway Laptops And Desktops | Topic: Gateway M460xl Recovery Disks

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 Gateway Laptops And Desktops
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TOPIC MESSAGE: Hi my name is Venetta Weeks and I'm
> located in the United States
> My Gateway M460XL operating system will not
> bootup therefore pressing the F11 function to restore
> to the original factory settings will not work
> I do not have backup recovery disks for the operating
> system or for the drivers ,applications, ultilies etc.
> Gateway has bad customer service I bought this computer in
> 2005 with a warranty. Then in 2007 Acer America bought out
> Gateway and sold their warranty company to MPC corporation
> which has now gone bankrupt and out of business earlier this
> year. Doing this whole process they did not notify
> customers. Customer now have no warrenty coverage and no
> support from Gateway what so ever....
> Can you help me?
> Venetta Weeks
> location :United States
> email:



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