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Everything you need to know about Forum: Forum | Topic: Ntldr Repair Program Won't Run. More related Toshiba Satellite C640 Recovery Disc information and help.

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Forum: Forum | Topic: Ntldr Repair Program Won't Run

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 NTLDR Missing Corrupt
 NTLDR Repair program won't run

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TOPIC MESSAGE: I just downloaded the NTLDR Repair program, burned the iso to a CD. The disc will boot on my computer and I can access the other goodies on the disc, but unfortunately the NTLDR Repair part of the disc won't run.

It starts off by booting up perfectly and then gives me choices. When I select the "Repair NTLDR" choice, it seems like it wants to work.

I then get a message saying "Starting BCDW. .. ok". But then, I get a
message saying "DISK I/O error" and that's as far as it will go.

Any suggestions? I know that my optical drive is fine because I need to use it every time I boot Windows.

I do not have a floppy drive on my computer.

Thanks! Dave




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Posted - 15/02/2013 :  15:20:18
It seems that your download is corrupt or the iso isnt liked by your burning software, we sell 10 - 20 of these every day and have had no other reports of problems, please try and download it again, and re-burn. If that fails i will happily ask the warehouse to nsend you a physical cd by post

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Posted - 15/02/2013 :  21:17:30
I tried downloading the iso image again and re-burning. .. twice. Once with Roxio and once with MagicISO, and had the exact same results as before. I also tried using the disc(s) in the second optical drive on my computer with the same results.

Could it be something besides a bad disc or a corrupted download? Uninstalling Kaspersky Anti-Virus caused my missing NTLDR problem in the first place, could it have something to do with that?


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Posted - 16/02/2013 :  12:10:09

eeekk well we have not had any reported problem with the software from anybody else so i am afraid to say i think you have something bad going on in your PC. Maybe it would be a good idea for us to express post you a CD or for you to download it from a friends computer and burn it from there. It could be that the virus program has interfered with your system. We have always seen huge problems with uninstalling norton too. Not sure about that particular program tho. Kepp me posted. Ilet me know if you want me to post a pre written cd to you. To request it to be sent by post use the contact us button at the top of the site and use the lost CD form, say that you talked to a techie in the forum and thet they said you need the CD (should be free)

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